vrijdag 8 januari 2016

Sunny Side Up

Hello lezertjes,

In 2015 schreven Klara en ik brieven naar elkaar, die de oceaan digitaal overvlogen!
We hebben deze brieven vertaald en je kan ze nu lezen op www.sunnysideup.rocks. Of luister naar onze podcast waarin we ze voorlezen!
Schrijf je in op de nieuwsbrief (via Menu) en je krijgt de brieven in je e-bus....

Hier alvast een woordje uitleg:

'52 weeks of Happiness on both sides of the Atlantic!'


Hello world!

We are Ine and Klara.
We are both from Belgium, but have recently become separated by the Atlantic Ocean. So we keep in touch through weekly letters.
We are in our thirties and have decided to choose a happy life! Yes, we are making a happy life a choice!
At the end of 2014, we both created a wish list for the coming year. Instead of making an action plan, we decided to be grateful for each day and to follow our heart.
And that’s how we have come to experience and truly enjoy life and have faith in the outcome of our wish lists.

Follow our story on www.sunnysideup.rocks and discover how we live our lives Sunny Side Up.

Every Monday and Friday we release a new story letter on our blog.
Every Wednesday listen to a podcast of our letters narrated by us.
(All releases at 6 am Central Time = GMT-6)
Read our blog, listen to our podcast and subscribe to our story letter.

You can also choose to be happy!
Be grateful for life + follow your heart = instant happiness

©photography Chris Bertels – Molotoff

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